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Reason of the ban:using afk machine
Who banned you:Fern

Why you should be unbanned:
no i should be unbanned,if u see a number and frequency of damage rules on the surface.
first,i haven't see rules when i start play this pixelmon server.why i play pixelmon? cause friend. cause alot thing like bored or nothing to do.
i havent see rules when i join discord(I recognition that was my mistake) ,i know cause i already got banned cause about money this time i shouldn't get unbanned a asian(china).i even dont know what is rules mean when i not using a i join discord haven't see it.But i broken rules 2 times so i shouldn't unbanned early.why i should type here when i know nothing charge?
Ok in fact, i play this pixelmon server cause friend. even server lagging every 5 min when 10people playing,we dont care(maybe u all do best already).

Money glitch: that reason i talk is really s0ck, cause why? u guys is too lazy. when u find the first one money glitch ~~~stone glitch -first one. u have block it with a wood. yes that good if u just Short-term Solve the problem
ok so first one u did really good (maybe)
second one cd 4
u banned us all,cause we using money glitch. and give us a chance . 2day banned only.
ok so Two things together.
when u find a first glitch. u havent find the other one cause why?
u guys lazy.
HAVENT check ALL the items
did THE OTHER ITEMS IS Broken too? (u guys have think about that?) i will ask it NO
if u find a first one glitch u check all items
would not happen second glitch (im not meaning we would not got banned)

Next,i would not let u guys agree my suggestion or something.
ucan think about that
never have a thing is right or wrong. everything is human to definition (Think of it as a joke)

Back to the banned thing
afk machine
in fact,not Fully correctly indicated i just afk
what i do when i use that machine (Mine car)
my friend have some question and problem. and i just tell them how to play pixelmon and how to use items. catch something. where pokemon start.also im waiting legend spawn not afk at all
next,When fern told me that i havent do it u even dont gimme a chance to explanation the thing. and u just banned me. ah ok Think of you as me,Human beings are wise,Human beings are intelligent creatures.So u even dont gimme a chance to explanation that? ah i dont think u banned me and i explanation here and i still got banned/unbanned early that thing is really good. legal not that thing.u have to think about that. ok
one guy i call a
a kill b and a got caught and go to Court. but if a have repentance.
punishment with not be that much.
everyone should have a chance. but i hope u guys don't go directly to fine because there are precedents.that wasreally a stupid things. Everything is different

i dont care how many days u ban me. cause its just a game.
its not money for me. why i care?
even u ban me forever when u see i type that thing.
i will take it. 口
Posted Sep 10, 18 · OP
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There are consequences to your actions and if you're willing to accept those then great. We cant check every item in the game to check for glitches so if you do find a glitch its better to report it than abuse it and have to face the consequences.
Posted Sep 11, 18